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What is your availability? 

My standard availability for appointments is as follows:

Monday: 7pm to 9pm

Tuesday: 7pm to 9pm

Wednesday: 7pm to 9pm

What happens when I first contact you? 

I will be happy to answer any questions that you have either by email or over the phone.  Prior to any face to face meeting we will usually have a phone consultation to gather some initial information and to ensure that we are both satisfied that I am the right person to work with you. This conversation would usually take between 10 and 15 minutes and is not chargeable.  If you decide at this point that you want to proceed then we can arrange our first session.

What happens in the first session?  

The first session is a chance to explore the best way for us to work together and will include discussions on my confidentiality policy and some practicalities.  We will also explore the reasons why you have come to therapy and what you hope to achieve from it.  The sessions will be unrushed as it is important for you to set your own pace and to feel supported and understood.  As a counsellor, I don’t tell you what to do but help you to find your own way forward. Sessions may also explore ways to help you in becoming more self-aware and to assist you in learning new positive coping strategies for the future.

How long does a session last?

Sessions last for around 1 hour and we would normally try to meet on the same day and at the same time each week. 

How many sessions will I need?

Generally the length of treatment will be defined by the issue and your individual needs but I will always provide you with an estimate of how long I think it might take following our initial consultation.  As a general guideline, short-term therapy of 3 - 8 sessions would be helpful when both the issue and required outcome are clearly identified.  Medium-term therapy of 8 - 16 sessions can be of help when the issue is unclear or where there are a number of issues that are associated with or impacting each other.  Longer-term therapy may be agreed as required and we would set review periods where we reflect on progress and the direction of ongoing treatment.  

Where do sessions take place?

I have a room specifically set aside for counselling work at my property in Atherton and a picture of it can be seen on the ‘Home’ page of this site.  The property is situated on a quiet cul-de-sac and driveway parking is available. If you prefer, I can visit you at your home but it is extremely important that we have a private and quiet setting for our sessions without too much risk of disturbance. I am generally happy to travel to all surrounding areas such as Westhoughton, Wigan, Hindley, Leigh, Astley, Lowton, Tyldesley, Walkden and Worsley.

Can I bring a companion to my sessions if I am nervous?

I fully understand that some people would feel more secure if they are accompanied so it is fine to bring a companion along if you wish but they would need to sit in another room and would not be able to take part in the therapy.  There are valid reasons for this which can be explained to you prior to therapy.


How would my therapy end?

We would work together to identify whether the changes you wanted have been achieved.  I generally like to work on one session’s notice of closure to ensure that we have time to work on our ending to therapy but this is only a guideline and we would never continue with sessions unnecessarily.  It is important for you to know that it is the Client who has the deciding say on whether or not to continue.  


Is your service confidential?

Yes. All information shared with me is confidential.  The only exceptions to this would be if any information related to child protection issues, terrorist acts or criminal activity. Also, if I thought that maintaining confidentiality would result in harm to you or others I would take action based on what I considered to be in the best interests of those involved.  I will always discuss the topic of confidentiality at the start of therapy to ensure that you are comfortable with it.

Do you offer Hypnotherapy as a service?

I don’t currently offer Hypnotherapy as a service by itself although I am considering it for the future. However, where appropriate and with a client’s consent I may use some hypnotherapy and guided imagery within my counselling services.

What is the cost?

My standard rates for each session are:

£35 for individuals.

£45 for couples.

Home visits may be a little more depending on location.  

Fees are payable by cash or cheque at each session.

I offer concessionary rates to serving members of the Emergency Services and to both serving and former members of the Armed Forces.  

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